eClasses was designed to meet specific acoustic technical requirements, to mix modern and traditional learning methods to create an environment that can be motivating, interactive, and autonomous to maximize learners' engagement and time saving. An important element of IBI eClasses (self-pace learning) is the notion of interaction. This is an essential component of virtual instruction because it differentiates from other types of elearning.  The key elements of eClasses are: 

  • Engagement: IBI platform was integrated with eTeractive, an app-based authoring tool which was developed by IBI's IT experts includes different kinds of  real world eLearning activities to "entertain" learners with the lessons.
  • Emotional: Developed by experienced trainers, learning design experts, authoring tool experts, and professional layout designers and narrators; IBI is a new way of thinking about learning. eClasses empowers and encourages learners to master real-world English and Business skills and practical knowledge while engaging with peers and experts in a social give-and-take that builds community. 
  • Empowering Technology: IBI's LMS was coded based on advanced technology that help track and evaluate learner progress and performance as well as celebrating learners to do their job better by communicating, collaborating through our learning ecosystem.


Below are the features of IBI eClasses:

  • Chat room simulates the idea of a social gathering where people have chance meetings and conversations. Private rooms are also available in chat rooms when the conversation becomes more intimate.
  • Feedback system was built in each part of a unit / module that helps teachers and students can communicate almost synchronously.
  • Real world eLearning activities includes diversified tools such as multiple-choice, drag-and-drop questions, jumbled-sentence, matching / ordering, gap-fill, simulations, serious games and interactive videos…help engage students to their lessons.
  • Comprehensive Assessment of English Pronunciation helps a learner record his / her speech and send it to the instructor for a pronunciation analysis and correction. This is one of the most advanced technologies that helps learners improve the pronunciation fastest. (this technique is applied for English training only)
  • eReport provides a management system for you to handle course registrations, administration, tracking and reporting. eReport allows businesses to quickly and easily monitor and maximize their progress.

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