Nowadays, web-based tools allow better communication and collaboration among people. Educationalists and teachers are paying serious consideration at how their playfulness, accessibility and enjoyment have positive effects on students’ level of engagement and ability to learn more easily.

“Successful group processes include the ability to problem-solve, work effectively with others, communicate orally and in writing, and manage resources including time and responsibility to project outcomes. Implementation of group work in online classrooms may be stymied by faculty members who struggle with effective implementation of group work…”  Facilitation of Online Group Projects: Insights from Experienced Faculty Members (2012).

eConnect gives learners a chance for great small group discussions. This also gives the more reserved students the ideal environment to express their ideas and knowledge once the teacher has structured the collaboration groups appropriately. We also believe the students retain the skills and learnt information better for assessments. Add also some creative projects, and the result is a fun learning experience.

Below are eConnect’s key engaged features:

eShares: Learners and teachers are encouraged to work on projects by sharing their files and presentations within their team and public. This contributes to better learning outcomes, and develop higher-order thinking skills such as: critical thinking skills, co-creation of knowledge and meaning, reflection and transformative learning. (Palloff & Pratt, 2005)

eSocial: Team-based work environments give learners the time to work and think about the project regularly. Our integrated social network tool helps learners share their ideas right away with fun and comfort.

eCompetition: We take collaboration and corporation seriously in our teaching philosophy. Therefore, we use the advantages derived from encouraging positive competition among team members during the course – online or offline – to achieve a common goal as well as good learning results.