eTeractive, an app-based, built-in authoring tool that was developed by IBI’s IT experts, includes different kinds of real world eLearning activities to actively engage learners with the lessons, including:

  • An easy-to-use solution that contains streaming video and audio synchronized with graphics.
  • Real world eLearning activities include diversified tools such as multiple-choice, drag-and-drop questions, jumbled-sentences, matching or ordering, gap filling, simulations, serious games, and interactive videos, aimed at keeping the students engaged throughout the lessons.
  • Engaging videos and interactive presentations
  • eLearning materials such as e-tests, tutorials, quizzes, etc.
  • Rich media and effective, granular learning content
  • Scenario-based learning reinforcement
  • Media-rich, engaging interactions that capture learner attention

For English language training: eTeractive’s model stops learners from thinking in their native language during the learning process. By simultaneously practicing reading, listening, and repetitions, learners do not have the time to translate or compare the English language with their native one, and, therefore, are compelled to think in English like a native speaker would.

For innovation training: eTeractive helps learners engage and absorb the lessons in an organic way. Consequently, they become more inclined and confident to reach out to their coach in every lesson to learn how to put what they have learned into practice.