Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is essentially a business transformation that comes about as a response to changes in consumer behavior. The changes in customer demands are caused by rapidly advancing technology, and the shift in how they access information, products, and services.

However, studies show that more than 70% of digital transformation implementations fail. More considerably, 17% of failures jeopardize even the existence of companies. The key reasons for these failures come from a non-performing and disengaging culture or non-collaborative behaviors in a company.

Digital transformation in education is more challenging as it requires the harmonization of different expertise within an organization. It is the ability to connect the Academic department with the IT one; the skills to get Marketing department along with Admissions as they both have pretty different minds about a product; and the expertise to help the IT managers get into the language of academics.

The challenges sometimes in the competence to persuade the academic managers to get buy-in from the change in customer journey, and foremost, is changing employees’ mindsets by bringing the set strategy and the common goals into the project’s implementation and collaboration among departments.

Experiencing building the IBI platform which was awarded top in the world together with advising different companies in transforming their training and development strategies. IBI has launched Digital Transformation Consulting Services in Education, focused on English Language Centers, K-12 Private Schools, and Higher Education to help you successfully transform the products or services alongside minimizing the costs of investment and bring the most of ROI by focusing the three following aspects:

  1. People and Culture Transformation: The best way to make a digital transformation successful is to prepare your employees with the right mindset and a supportive culture. IBI will work with your BOD and department heads to set out the strategies and common goals to ensure they all get buy-in from the project. Our experts will design and handle different training and focus groups to help everyone get the right mindset, skills, and culture.
  2. Product innovation: One of the most challenges to transform education business is product innovation as the academic department is so traditional and institutional that makes IT department find it so sophisticated to understand and collaborate. In addition, the theoretical concepts that academic managers have in mind may not fit the demands and needs of the market. Marketing and Admissions managers sometimes are too customer oriented but lack the pedagogical knowledge to balance the cross-function collaborations. IBI with practical experience will help you define all the problems, bring them on the table and secure the project.
  3. Process enhancement: product innovation brings changes to process. Digitalized products requires a digitalized process. IBI will be behind your managers to streamline them with:
  • Simplicity: Our consulting will help simplify the process by providing “plug and play” solutions that are easy to implement.
  • Speed of execution: Digitalizing operations doesn’t have to be a long and tedious process. We will give advice on how to integrate and smooth the processes.
  • Flexibility: Digitalization is only useful if it caters to all stakeholders’ specific needs. We ensure you that the digital solutions are flexible, easily customized, and scalable.
  • Focused support: We will delve deeper into responding to stakeholder’s needs by handling different research with your organization to bring the best advice to your team.

Also, large international management consulting companies have partnered with us for your projects in the local market(s). Feel free to contact us for collaboration.