eConversations | Online Live Classes

Designed to meet specific acoustic technical requirements, IBI incorporates modern and traditional learning methods that create a motivating, interactive, and freer environment to maximize learners’ engagement and time. An important element of IBI eConversations (live classroom learning) is the notion of collaboration.  This is an essential component of virtual instruction because it differentiates from other types of eLearning.  The key elements of eConversations are:
  • Collaboration: IBI School’s Cloud-based Real Time Communication (eConversations) allows students and teachers to interact LIVE on a personal and group level. Thanks to a wide range of powerful features and useful tools such as interactive whiteboards, text chatting, teacher-managed control options. So, our teachers are able to optimize our teaching method to dynamically lead the live class via group discussion, learning activities (educational games, quizzes, board games, jeopardy, etc.) and team competition. See eConversations features
  • Convenience: IBI’s LMS was built with high level of automation and personalization that allows students to enroll, choose schedules, register, and take classes INDEPENDENTLY;
  • Customization: eConversations can be customized based on the requirements of your organization’s real-world challenges. It can help develop productive new networks among employees;
  • Class size: small class size with a maximum of 10 students per class to build stronger relationships among students as well as between teacher and students. Moreover, it promotes peers learning.
  • Combination: eConversations’ learning content is highly professionally designed in harmony with eClasses to maximize your learning experience;

Below is the short demonstration of eConversations which was designed to go parallel with Unit 7 “Dream job” of  eClasses II.