Go-to-market strategy (GTM) is an action plan that describes repeatable and scalable processes for how a company acquires, retains, and grows customers.

Developing a go-to-market strategy is an essential step for any successful business. However, one of the biggest mistakes business owners often make is in believing that their product is for everyone. In reality, to have any success in marketing a product they need to define its target markets, as to do otherwise can confuse the market and actually impact negatively on sales.

What will you cover in this course?

Module 1: Define your business

  • Defining the problem you solve
  • Sizing the market
  • Defining your product/ solution
  • Determining your revenue model
  • Describing why you will win in the market

Module 2: Understand your market

  • Understand customers and trends
  • How you rank vs. competitors
  • Knowing the threats of substitutes

Module 3: Taking your products to the market

  • Defining your points of differentiation
  • Branding and marketing your products
  • Pricing your products
  • Selling your products

Module 4: Managing your business

  • Determining your personnel model
  • Leading the organization
  • Administration

Module 5: Projecting your financials

  • Financial forecasts
  • Capital requirements
  • Financial risks


Who is your coach?

Robin Nguyen is the CEO of IBI who created IBI from scratch. Possessing deep knowledge and passion on education and training combined with strong business development and marketing skills. Robin is an capable trainer in Business Development, Customer Service Management, Marketing Strategy and eLearning development.

Which teaching method to be applied? 

(Online coaching)
(Live instructor training)
5 weeks: 25 hours 5 weeks: 10 hours


Our innovation courses are designed based on the learning curve as shown in the chart below:

The learning curve

IBI Blended eLearning were designed to achieve a good balance between group learning and real time discussion, self-study and interactive learning, which is conducted by competence based teachers and experts to completely replace classroom training.

Innovation coach_training method_IBI Global


IBI Online Teaching Method | Explanation Video