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IBI Global is the leading partner in Online Business English and Innovation Coach based on the blended eLearning solution that completely replaces classroom training for corporations, startups and institutions.

We strongly believe that most companies are in need of an entrepreneurial mindset to help them innovate. During our innovation projects we focus on corporate innovation, giving you the skills, confidence, and support to drive and influence change in your organization.

Established by experienced and talented technologists, experts and mentors. Throughout years coaching in different multi-national companies, we have found that there are three biggest barriers to optimize talents' competence and innovation

  • Barrier 1: Most communication failure in multi-national companies is due to the lack of English proficiency and fluency. 
  • Barrier 2: One of the main reasons why a training program fails is because it's hard to find the quality learning model that brings work - learn - life balance.
  • Barrier 3: Many believe that the key success of innovation is technology but it's not. It's culture! However, companies and organizations today encounter with finding the learning model that could bring expertise from different cultures into the training cost-effectively. 

The founding team, with enthusiastic determination and passion, successfully integrated new effective technologies in teaching and learning based on the harmonious combination between innovation pedagogy and emerging technology, to create the online learning platform that achieves a good balance within group learning and real time discussion, self-study and interactive learning that is believed helping talents break the mentioned barriers. 

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Vision & Mission

IBI is dedicated to contributing to the strong development of the world economics by bringing innovation into entrepreneurial eco-system through provision of innovative and quality online English and Business and Innovation programs founded on:

  • Pillar 1: IBI targets to be the leading provider in English language training and innovation coach based on the unique blended e-Learning method.
  • Pillar 2: IBI Partners will facilitate IBI multi-portals platform to synthesize outstanding expertise and innovation from different cultures to make startups bring innovation into global markets and corporations innovate like startups.


Our values are fundamental to our success. They are the foundation of our company and underlie our vision of the future, our business strategies and our decisions, actions and behaviors.

Three core values are at the heart of IBI: Integrity (to build trust with clients, employees and partners), Incorporation (to enhance credibility), Innovation (to improve customer experience) and International (to conform to international quality and standards) which are linked together and care the source of our success.


Award: Proud to be selected as one of the most promising tech start-ups all over Asia Pacific in 2016 by e27.


Trusted by business leaders and experts


Jason Lim

"IBI has created a winning circle of emerging technology, teaching quality and enriching content."

Jason Lim 
Executive Director at TireAngel Limited 


Hans Weemaes

"IBI’s teachers know how to create a strong innovation culture and inspire every student to do their best."

Hans Weemaes
Professor at Yonsei Business School


Tu Nguyen

"Our talents enjoy IBI as they pay only one-third of what classroom-based courses in the same quality charge."

Tu Nguyen 
Chairman and CEO of NTS Group


Robert Tran

"One of the key values that IBI brings to clients is its professionalism in customer service."

Robert Tran
Chief Executive Officer | Global Executive Vice President | CEO & Entrepreneur Coach





The ability to innovate is now a top priority for companies everywhere. The speed at which innovation occurs is accelerating, and consumers are hungry for the new products, services and experiences coming their way. But the economic climate still presents considerable challenges.