You want to give your corporate learners the online training resources they need to accomplish their goals. Are your current online training initiatives really worth the investment? Here is how IBI helps boost eLearning ROI.

1. LMS Metrics

IBI eReport gives you a comprehensive overview of your entire online training program. You can see how corporate learners are progressing. eReport also allow you to determine the true eLearning ROI. Through the power of IBI LMS, you can identify which individual elements are worth the cost, and which may need to be removed or re-evaluated.

2. Real-World Application

Measuring eLearning data is one way to determine the Return On Investment. However, qualitative analysis is also essential. In other words, how well are your corporate learners able to apply the knowledge they’ve learned in a real-world environment? IBI’s online training courses facilitate knowledge retention and assimilation. The courses were operated in they way to encourage employees to put their skills into practice and achieve their goals under the help of our international experts. This is what makes your online training initiative worth the investment. Otherwise, corporate learners are simply accruing knowledge for the sake of learning.

3. Custom Training Programs Seat

Based on our careful understanding about your needs and demands, we will design an effective online training program that bridges performance and skill gaps.

4. Learner Satisfaction

A happy learner who gets all the information they need is a satisfied learner who keeps coming back for more. IBI eLearning courses deliver the online training experience that boosts learners to be able to use their knowledge in the real world. Satisfaction ratings help you determine Return On Investment by getting the corporate learners’ perspective.

5. Cost Vs. Outcome

One of the most direct ways to determine your eLearning ROI is to measure the costs versus the outcomes. You’ve invested a certain amount of money and time into your online training initiatives. But have they achieved their goals? In order to answer this question, you must develop evaluation criteria beforehand. How will you measure success? How long should it take for the online training to go into effect?