eConversations | Live classroom

IBI was designed to meet specific acoustic technical requirements, to mix modern and traditional learning methods to create an environment that can be motivating, interactive, and autonomous to maximize  learners' engagement and time saving. An important element of IBI eConversations (live classroom learning) is the notion of collaboration.  This is an essential component of virtual instruction because it differentiates from other types of eLearning.  The key elements of eConversations are: 

  • Collaboration: IBI's Cloud-based Real Time Communication - eConversations allows students and teachers to interact LIVE on a personal and group level equipped with powerful features and range of useful tools such as interactive whiteboards, text chatting, and teacher-managed control options. Based on these features, our teachers, combine with our teaching method to lead the live class dynamiccally through applying group discussion, learning activities such (serious games, quizzes, board games, jeopardy...) and team competition.
  • Convenience: IBI's LMS was built with high level of automation and personalization in which students can enroll, choose schedules, register and take classes INDEPENDENTLY;
  • Customization: eConversations is customized based on the requirement of research insights to your organization’s real-world challenges while developing productive new networks among employees;
  • Class size: Small class size with 6 students / class. This number is an ideal number to learn live online that was carefully studied by our experts.
  • Connecting: We provide a better opportunity for the establishment of close mentoring relationships to promote students’ academic performance and foster them to be more cooperative and more engaged in learning;
  • Combination: eConversations' learning content was highly professional designed in concert with eClasses to maximize your learning experience;

    To join eConversations, learners only follow 2 simple steps:

    Step 1:
    Register to join your class

    Step 2:
    Enter your class

    Below is the short demonstration of eConversations which was designed to go parallel with Unit 7 | eClasses II: Dream job





Blended eLearning offers the best of benefits from the implementation of a synchronous learning strategy, and “go at your own pace” techniques that are part of an asynchronous learning strategy.


IBI virtual blended English language and Business skills courses offer you the advantages of live classroom training (IBI eConversations) designed in concert with the cost-effectiveness and flexibility of self-paced learning (IBI eClasses) with the aim of completely replacing classroom training and improving learning retention at the highest level.