Intercultural Innovation

IBI intercultural innovation solution aims to encourage intercultural dialogue, negotiation and cooperation between businesses around the world. By building the expert eco-system from different cultures (the US, Israel, Europe and Asia Pacific) plus working in partnership with international and regional organizations, foundations, and the private sector. IBI desires to build bridges among a diversity of cultures for successful business collaborations. 

Our world is not just about competitive advantage anymore; it is increasingly about co-operative and collaborative advantage! 


1.   Solution for corporations

IBI intercultural innovation consists of a powerful blended e-Learning coaching methods to transfer business English and innovation courses which allow your coporation to:
  • develop great intercultural teams,
  • equip global leaders,
  • manage intercultural stakeholders,
  • bridge cultural communication gaps,
  • globalize the DNA of your organization.
2. Solution for international schools/ institutions
IBI is a dynamic team of educators who specialize in building intercultural innovation competencies and the leadership skills needed for today’s international schools or institutions.
We provide a tailored program to equip your senior leadership team, staff and students with life-changing strategies enabling your school to be set apart as a thriving intercultural learning community. 
Our role is to empower schools to build a community that benefits from Inter-Cultural Innovation to create a high-quality, truly global and reputable international school where young leaders are taught, trained and ushered into top universities, careers and the global marketplace.


At IBI Global, we believe that education drives technology not technology drives education!



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