IBI eLearning was built based on the understanding in depth our learners, their interest, their ideas and desire alongside market needs and trends.

IBI eLearning was built based on the understanding in depth our learners, their interest, their ideas and desire alongside market needs and trends. Our clients and partners are at the heart of all that we do and all that we innovate. We build the product of excellence to serve clients and learners and make the positive contribution to the world. Below is what IBI eLearning all about:


I. Academic excellence and innovation combined 

IBI eLearning is the school that was built online! we have had years experienced in teaching English for students in many different countries before we built IBI eLearning. Our founders are teachers and educators who understand student interest inside the classroom as well as their strengths and weaknesses in learning and using English language.


II. Self-pace learning and live instructor training combined 

The harmonious combination between eClasses (self-pace learning) and eConversations (live instructor training) effectively helps students improve their English skills and perfectly replaces classroom training.  IBI is pioneering this learning model in Asia and many other regions in the world and we have tried harder to widen access to quality learning.

Our mission is unique because it blends academic excellence for students with the addition of character and cultures. It is the combination of creating academic excellence as well as a program rich in character and technology innovation. 


III. Measurable and checkable  

Our eReport provides a management system for you to handle course registrations, administration, tracking and reporting. eReport allows businesses to quickly and easily monitor and maximize their progress.

Moreover, Businesses are authorized to log in the management system to see your talent's progress, scores and skill development organizationally and individually.


IV. Innovative teaching method

The project-focused system (PFS) is a comprehensive resource addressing all key aspects of Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL). This methodology is considered as the innovation to be based on the cream and strengths of well-known international methodologies such as the Suzuki method, project-based learning and communicative approach.

The methodology creates a wide variety of learning activities in conjunction with progressive and established teaching materials. Instructions through learning activities, creative enhancement and interactive communication which help students to realize their full potential in English as a second language. 


V. Quality and effectiveness guarantee

Our eLearning replaces traditional classroom training. We commit to providing you with high-quality courses. We have high professional standards, and for best results we make sure we maintain an ongoing communication with you. When we take on an assignment, we make sure we have the necessary experience and expertise to guarantee effectiveness and success. 

We guarantee in-depth efforts that leverage our unique and highly structured teaching and training method.

  • We promise to meet pre-established deadlines.
  • We guarantee learner’s performance for every course.

We hope our efforts have gained your trust!





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