When asked "What are the best language learning apps?" on www.Quora.com and received no answers so far, although on the Internet you will find 15,000+ references to the search of this exact phrase. Apparently, language teachers and educators are not sure which applications ensure the best results.


"Revolutionizing grammar practice and learning vocabulary are wrong objectives because for successful language learning we need two main components: comprehensible Input and opportunity to produce Output. Neither practicing grammar nor memorizing words as translations into the native language have historically shown a high success rate in acquiring fluency in a foreign language." Arkady Zilberman, Ph. D

This is the reason why so few foreign students can learn the English language successfully. "The traditional methods of conscious learning are obsolete and cannot overcome the appalling forgetting curve and innate habit of thinking in the native language and cross-translating,” said Arkady Zilberman “That’s why we felt developing a method of subconscious training in a foreign language that will automatically eliminate the known barriers to fluency was absolutely necessary.”

Until now, we don’t have apps that meet the above requirements. All conventional apps, including the most popular Duolingo and Busuu, are based on the misconception that learners will remember words and phrases or grammar explanations and will be able to use this information for producing fluent speech in the target language. It is a wrong approach because remembering information about the language does not result in fluency.

The ideal learning method for the acquisition of a foreign language should create an environment for comprehensible Input and production of Output. All learners in a class should have an opportunity to speak concurrently in the target language. The act of speaking at the first stage consists of reading an authentic text with your eyes, listening to the recording of the text made by the native speakers, and speaking aloud simultaneously with the recording. This is how IBI eClasses is designed! Futhermore, learners at IBI have to take eClasses before eConversations so to ensure that the knowledge and skills they have learnt can be be optimally applied during the eConversations session. To deliver this effective online learning method, we need a professional platform to contain it!

All our skills and habits are performed subconsciously: driving a car, playing the piano, typing or speaking. As humans, we perform about 95% of our daily activity in a subconscious mode. It is surprising that in learning new language skills we still use conscious learning by trying to memorize and recall words, phrases and grammar rules.

IBI offer students a different approach that we combine the advantages of a live classroom training integrated with the cost-effectiveness and flexibility of our self-paced learning. This is the harmonious combination between eClasses (self-pace learning) and eConversations (live instructor training) to stop learners from thinking in their native language during the learning process.

Designed to achieve a good balance between group learning and real time discussion, and between self-study and interactive learning wconducted by competence based teachers and experts, these programs completely replace classroom training.

The key elements of eBlended are:

  • Attached: The training content of eClasses and eConversations are very well-connected so to help learners to achieve the knowledge and skills needed more efficiently and effectively.
  • Automatized: The learning timelines and processes of both learning models were professionally and painstakingly designed and to further efficiency and maximize learning process automation.
  • Aligned: The pedagogical innovation behind the programs smoothly aligns with technological innovations to completely replace classroom training.




At IBI Global, we believe that education drives technology not technology drives education since good teachers and experts inspire learners to be lifelong learners.



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