Previous studies have shown that 9 out of 10 of organizations are delivering some form of compliance. Why it means a lot to them?


Previous studies have shown that 9 out of 10 of organizations are delivering some form of compliance. Why it means a lot?


It matters to your people 


 It matters to your customers



 It matters to regulators



In the 2012, Net Impact Survey over half of respondents (58%) said they are willing to accept less pay in order to work for an organization those shares their values. Does your compliance and ethics training show them that you care?


Your brand’s reputation is based on how your people conduct themselves. You don’t have to look far to find examples of reputations and businesses destroyed by compliance issues.


US sentencing guidelines are pointing towards quality of compliance training as a key factor. Interpreting this,

It’s not good enough just to have compliance training (and according to the 2013 research by the Ethics Resource Center, 81% of US companies have some form of compliance training. It’s got to be effective or it won’t count as a defense against anything. 


So if it matters that much, why do people have such a problem with it?


As shown in a report in 2014 interviewed learning leaders in over 30 global companies. They told that they’re concerned that compliance training has a very low reputation. 60% of businesses cite the key. Compliance challenge as online education fatigue’. Because of that, it faces real acceptance challenges.  


So, how IBI blended learning is the solution?


1.  The Design for Engagement

We all aspire to create better engagement with our training and development. But in reality, learner engagement is always the biggest challenge for HR managers, especially for language training as it requires long term commitment to get achievements. The good news is it doesn't have to be just a pipe dream! Hooking upfront isn’t enough. We have to deliver on the promise through the rest of the blend design.




a.  Goal-based scenarios

We have years experienced in instructional design and course ware development to make sure that delivering something that fits students’ or employees’ needs and interests. Our courses were designed to immerse the learners in real life or situational simulations or learning experiences that allow them to gather skills or information that they will recall for future use. Information offered within a contextual setting enables learners not only to easily manage it within their working memory, but also to commit it to their long-term memory. 


b.  Bite-sized learning

As expertise in eLearning, we understand how to apply micro learning in a new (and effective) way to train adult corporate learners in which enhance learner satisfaction, of course, translates into more business for you.



2.  Metrics and measurement

eReport provides a management system for you to handle course registrations, administration, tracking and reporting. eReport allows businesses to quickly and easily monitor and maximize their progress.


3.   Self-pace learning and live instructor training in harmony


The harmonious combination between eClasses (self-pace learning) and eConversations (live instructor training) effectively helps students improve their English skills and perfectly replaces classroom training.  IBI is pioneering this learning model in Asia and many other regions in the world and we have tried harder to widen access to quality learning.


Our mission is unique because it blends academic excellence for students with the addition of character and cultures. It is the combination of creating academic excellence as well as a program rich in character and technology innovation.   





The ability to innovate is now a top priority for companies everywhere. The speed at which innovation occurs is accelerating, and consumers are hungry for the new products, services and experiences coming their way. But the economic climate still presents considerable challenges.