According to 73% of employee training in Fortune 500 companies is delivered via online methods and according to, 77% of American firms are already using eLearning.

Learning today is no more a onetime activity; it has become a constant need for employees in the corporate sector to update, because of the constant changes in the business world.

With traditional training methods, organizations have to spend most of their training budgets on transporting, accommodating trainees and conducting the training programs. On the other hand, workforce being away from their jobs, sitting in a classroom will drain the bottom-line profitability, resulting in declining productivity and revenues.

These challenges with traditional training methods are motivating organizations to think of eLearning to enhance results, motivate performance, and reduce costs. According to 73% of employee training in Fortune 500 companies is delivered via online methods and according to, 77% of American firms are already using eLearning. This shows the reach of eLearning all over the world.

Let us see the other reasons why organizations are getting attracted to eLearning.

Deliver Latest and Revised Learning

E-learning helps organizations to quickly take the latest information to their employees and keep them up to date. There wouldn’t be a case that somewhere in the world, people are typing virtually just by looking at a particular key on the key board and we are still searching where a particular key is. It allows employees to improve or refresh their knowledge and skill set, anywhere and anytime.

Save Time and Costs

Organizations can overcome constraints like time and location, as training can be provided anywhere, round the clock without shifting the whole batch for training to a place and then managing their travel, accommodation and other expenses. When more number of people are to be trained, in a short span of time, e-learning is the best option.

Offer Flexibility

It is not uncommon, learners complaining about getting bored, listening to an instructor for an hour or so, resulting in disinterest. But with eLearning, a huge training curriculum, a course can be divided into small modules. And each-module can be taught effectively and efficiently, making employees productive by the end of the day and proving them to be an asset to the company.

Arrange Personalized Environment

E-learning caters to all learners – including slow and fast learners. Being a self-learning tool, it helps learners to identify their mistakes immediately and correct them from time-to-time, helping them to become more independent and build quick and smart decision making skills.

Enable Multi-tasking

E-learning promotes healthy multi-tasking, as it can be scheduled and accessed according to one’s convenience or time table. Also, knowing that online materials are available at any time reduces stress among learners and helps them concentrate on the other important tasks.

Track and Evaluate Performance

A complete database of all the courses details can be maintained in Learning Management System (LMS), once the courses are deployed on it. User and course level tracking including the time taken for a user to complete the course, his Assessment performance report, everything can be tracked and these reports can be generated on a click. This is an effective way to reduce the man power and clerical work while the data remains authentic.

Technology has moved another step ahead with e-learning courses, giving new wings to the corporate training teams, so why not avail the benefits and take your training to the next level. Do share your thoughts on this blog or if you wish to add to this list.





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