The number one enemy of any strategy is poor execution. All across the business landscape, the ability of an organization to execute its strategy is one of the most critical elements of success.


Execution is critically!  Business ideas do not have to be made overnight; it is a long road to success. 

In business, there are ideas and then there is execution. Many businesses are created because of great ideas. But many more great ideas fail because they lack of good execution. Ideas are important but ideas are easy to come by, some ideas are better than others. Great direction, strategy and execution make any ideas happen.

This means that if you own a small business, you need to be very good at execution. The more you improve in this area, the better your business will be. But don’t throw out the baby with the bath water. You still need ideas as ideas are the fuel for execution.

"Without an idea to bring into reality, you can get nowhere; without direction for your ideas, you don’t know how to get to your ideas; without strategy for your direction, you will find it hard on your way; without good execution you will pay a lot to make your ideas happen."

Business owners waste too much time with half-hearted efforts to improve the success of their business. More specifically, in areas of marketing, business owners consistently fail to properly execute or fully implement their plan. Poor execution undermines your brand. If this is done long enough, your business will die.

Full implementation is the key. Good execution allows you to fully implement your business ideas, your business plans, your marketing, your product roll out, your sales training, and more.

Robin Nguyen 



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