Keeping learners motivated throughout an eLearning course is a challenge for most of e-Leaarning companies. IBI, with eLearning ROI focus, we ensure our learners stay on track throughout a course based on the elements that promote motivation before, during, and even after course completion.


I. Before the Course


1. We lay the groundwork and building anticipation for the course.

Figure out a way to hook the learners before they ever begin the course. IBI puts a pre-course activity in our design. By creating anticipation, learners are built with excitement and motivation before they ever even access the content.


2. We communicate expectations and goals before the course starts.

By sharing with the learners what they can expect, we are already motivating the students to meet standards set forth. This removes some anxiety and begins to get the learners excited about accomplishing tasks set forth.


II. During the Course

1. IBI eLearning courses were designed for active participation.

A recent study has found that active learning increases retention, understanding, and pass rates. It also improves learner motivation.

IBI eLearning activities encourage exploration, real life problem solving and student and teacher communication. Besides, learners take control of the learning process which provides self-motivation and deeper engagement in the content.


2. Our eTeractive gives relevant feedback and progress visualization.

By including quizzes, games or other interactive exercises providing the type of feedback that helps learners track their own progress, we ensure that the feedback is immediate so that the students can use the information in subsequent exercises. Incorporating visuals that shows advancement that increases motivation.


3. IBI eLearning is a mix of instructional strategies.

Mix examples, case studies, images and infographics, scenarios, videos, collaboration and games that encourage the learner to be proactive in different ways. Through exposure to varied content, we will remain learners engaged and, therefore, motivated.


4. IBI platform encourages communication.

Students can link to peers and teachers taking the same course content such as through social media, blogs and discussion boards. We understand students are more successful in collaboration than isolation. Sharing ideas and receiving feedback from others keeps the learner motivated to learn.


5. IBI eLearning content was designed in a break-down modules/ lessons

IBI eLearning design chunks the content in a way that helps people remember what they have learned to create an internal framework for processing information, thus making the learner not only more successful but also more motivated to continue their learning process.


III. After the Course

1. We celebrate your course completion and achievements

We remain our learners motivated by celerating their accomplishments to encourage learning even after the course is completed and challenge the audience to continue their research or learn to solve even more complex problems.

2. We provide takeaways

We give the learners something to take back to their jobs with them without any sort of reinforcement to help them remember with something concrete that ties directly back to the content.






At IBI Global, we believe that education drives technology not technology drives education since good teachers and experts inspire learners to be lifelong learners.



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