Businesses have started to move rapidly towards employing e-learning to build better processes. However, the success rate of e-learning projects has been on a slightly lower side.

Businesses have started to move rapidly towards employing e-learning to build better processes. However, the success rate of e-learning projects has been on a slightly lower side. Every business has its own view as to what project failure is, but in general we consider a project as failure when it does not go according to the expectations, and does not deliver what was required. 

This post shares some of the major reasons why e-learning projects fail. So, let us take a look at those points one by one.


1. Wrong Analysis of Business Requirement

If the project has been set to deliver the wrong thing, then how can you expect to get positive results? Starting and implementing an e-learning strategy without thorough analysis of the business requirements is the biggest mistake that organizations make. This has always been the major reason behind many project failures. And, when the project doesn’t deliver what the organization really needs, the only option left is to scrap it down.

Why IBI eLearning services a solution? 

IBI eLearning services helps your company identify suitable technology to deliver learning solutions aligned towards the business objectives, more closely.

2. Lack of Skill Sets and Knowledge Areas

Improved staff performance is one of the key components that define the success of a project. But, in order to achieve improvement in the performance of your team, you need to suffice them first with the following skill sets:

  • Technology and IT-related knowledge
  • Learning and development knowledge
  • Business knowledge

Lack of any one of these skills can results in the employees failing to grasp the knowledge and failing to deliver desirable results. For instance, the creative team might not be able to understand the technicalities involved in IT, and the developers might not have any idea about the importance of marketing.

Why IBI eLearning services a solution? 

IBI offers optional e-learning development, instructional design and advisory services on the breadth of portal-related issues. Let IBI be your outsourcing partner in e-learning design, and deployment. We transform your subject matter content into effective e-learning. 

3. Failing to Plan and Poor Project Management

eLearning projects can fail even after a well-defined goal has been set. Planning is the road map that will lead to success in project management. And, e-learning projects are no different. This is evident from the fact that failing to pay attention to facets, such as communication, risk analysis, and planning, always lead to emergence of adverse situations in the project, ultimately leading to failure, as they say, ‘failing to plan is simply planning to fail.’


Why IBI eLearning services a solution? 

IBI has experienced in creating different eLearning projects for years. We know how to use project management tools efficiently and bring the team together to help you to plan things in the project in a better manner.

4. Communication Gap

According to a recent study by the Project Management Institute, poor communication is the reason why projects fail more than one-third of all the times. And, when we look at organizations with higher success rate in their projects (successfully completing more than 80% of their projects), then the frequency of creating formal project communication plans in nearly two times as compared to the organizations with lesser success rates (successfully completing 60% or less projects).


Why IBI eLearning services a solution? 

When using IBI eLearning services, you can empower your communication by communicating with one stop shop rather working with different people possessing different jobs and experiences with different ideas.

5. Stakeholder Conflict Leading to Poor Involvement

Trainers are an integral part of making e-learning projects successful. Not providing them with the required special support, influence and communication can lead to a conflict and poor involvement of the trainers. In fact, one of the major reasons why e-learning projects fail is because of conflict of thoughts between the stakeholders. The trainers can influence the learners to the view that e-learning is not real training, making the learners dissatisfied with the learning outcomes. Therefore, it is imperative to keep them involved in the entire process.

Why IBI eLearning services a solution? 

Specialized in the field, IBI is able to bring trainers into the picture and blend traditional classroom training tactics with modern e-learning capabilities to work towards the goals.

6. Inability to Report Success

Success is not counted, and credited unless you report it and demonstrate its value. Factors like business evaluation, poor usage measurement, evaluation recording and record keeping, link directly to competency measurement, and are usually associated with project failures. 


Why IBI eLearning services a solution? 

Working with IBI, your company will approach a solid report created by our experts who can use technology to gather information and measure success.

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