Choosing an online training program is a fantastic way to boost learners' engagement and enable them to gain more value from your organization. But if you’re serious about providing useful training for your employees, you must approach it like a learning pro.


1. Program goals

A program that establishes what you’ll use as a success marker for new training initiatives. A better goal would enable your employees to change behaviors or assist the company's business goal. Then, defining smaller objectives:

  • It forces you to think about what your business or your customers’ needs really are.
  • It begins to expose what you need to to improve.
  • It’s easier to evaluate whether you accomplished each of these small steps after training—for example, by providing learners with a simulation they must successfully complete, by passing an online quiz or by seeing a downward trend in support requests on that topic. IBI can help learners to really engage in solving the on-the-job problems.
  • It exposes a possible program structure; each learning objective was formed in one IBI lesson.
  • It enables you to prioritize which training objective to tackle first, which ones will be the easiest or hardest to address and which ones your learners will appreciate most.


2. Choose the right technology


a. Content authoring tool

The content authoring tool is to help the online learning content engage your learners with.

  • Engagement: IBI platform was integrated with eTeractive, an app-based authoring tool which was developed by IBI's IT experts includes different kinds of  real world eLearning activities to "entertain" learners with the lessons.
  • Emotional: Developed by experienced trainers, learning design experts, authoring tool experts, and professional layout designers and narrators; IBI is a new way of thinking about learning. eClasses empowers and encourages learners to master real-world English and Business skills and practical knowledge while engaging with peers and experts in a social give-and-take that builds community. 
  • Empowering Technology: IBI's LMS was coded based on advanced technology that help track and evaluate learner progress and performance as well as celebrating learners to do their job better by communicating, collaborating through our learning ecosystem.


b. Learning delivery platform

You’ll probably need a portal through which learners access your online learning content. This could be an LMS, LCMS or another more bespoke type of learning portal.

All of these have similar basics. But IBI LMS differs in how it achieves these basics and the extras it provide. They include:

  • IBI delivers engaging learning experiences that boost Learning Production & ROI. IBI platform is the breakthrough innovation in technology and pedagogy harmonization in which LMS, authoring tools and social learning were built-in. (Please check out the list of our features here).
  • Sophisticated activity reporting
  • Inbuilt gamification mechanisms like points, badges and leaderboards


3. Useful and engaging learning

How well learners engage with the training program determines its success. The biggest success driver will likely be whether the training effectively meets learners’ needs. If your learners don’t think your training is useful, nothing you do will make them feel it’s a good value.

Here are four examples of how IBI elearning program that delights learners:

  • Scenario-based learning is a technique that engages customers through an immersive training experience modeled on real-life scenarios rather than a theoretical knowledge dump.
  • Microlearning is where you providing bite-sized learning nuggets (a small elearning event that focuses on a specific topic and takes between 1 and 15 minutes to complete) and give customers a flexible way to access specific information.
  • Gamification in learning experiences engage and boost a learner’s intrinsic motivation levels through a variety of game mechanics, like points, leaderboards and badges. It’s a great way to make your learning experiences sticky and build customer loyalty.


4. Track and improve

Training programs aren’t static. The best ones evolve and continually improve. 

eReport provides a management system for you to handle course registrations, administration, tracking and reporting. eReport allows businesses to quickly and easily monitor and maximize their progress.

As you’ve seen here, the best way to achieve a good result is to think carefully about what training you’re going to choose, how you’re going to deliver it and how you’ll evaluate it to make future releases even better.






At IBI Global, we believe that education drives technology not technology drives education since good teachers and experts inspire learners to be lifelong learners.



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