This is truly, a brave, new world of limitless possibilities. And at the heart of this breakneck digital journey, lies effective training & education, making your workers into 'agents of change'.

A critical tool for this movement is e-learning. With e-learning, businesses can shift their approach to training, and embrace a 'digital-first approach'.

Now, where does one begin to explain or elucidate the many avatars of e-learning? From different channels of usage to multiple content forms, audio-video add-ons, e-learning is a rich and vast ecosystem, impacting employees, regardless of level or experience.

Most companies prefer a 'mix' - a blended model utilizing the vibrant aspects of multi-media content environments. So, can Artificial Intelligence make a difference? Here are 4 reasons why:


1. Every Question has an answer, right here, right now: Real-time Questioning

Now everybody knows messaging is the easiest and most accepted way to communicate. Whether there are doubts about a course theory or a query on grading, the best bet is to have employees upload their questions/inquiries into the e-learning platform, directly.

Most e-learning tools carry AI systems which process these queries, responding in real-time. Further, Ai can also offer reasoning and counseling or guidance & support for scholars. What's more, AI-empowered e-learning tools can also deliver a range of resources, specific to a learner, aiding the completion of a course/assignment, saving time and effort spends.

eConnect gives learners a chance for great small group discussions. This also gives the quiet ones a chance to express ideas and knowledge when the teacher has structured the collaboration groups appropriately. We believe the students retain the skills and topical information better for assessments, also. Throw in some creative projects---how much fun it is!


2. A game makes learning fun and memorable: Gamification

There's no denying that gamification is the next big thing when one considers the future of e-learning, and AI has a vital role to play in creating/managing/planning tactical resource material.

However, it's important to intelligently design and develop the game features, ensuring they work seamlessly, propel the learning activity, and create a sense of engagement and entertainment. Pertinent gaming content can help boost retention and finally, course accomplishment.

IBI eLearning was designed based on practical knowledge in which you can apply what you have learnt in your real life and workplace effectively and efficiently. Learn "Five Ways That IBI Includes Gamification in Its Learning Design"


3. Speaking in one's native tongue: Natural Language Processing


Learners can now interact with an AI assistant within the e-learning platform, which understands and recognizes a learner's spoken language . These AI-focused tools and systems are capable of hearing and imbibing the language - in a complete sentence format - also garnering connotations and inflexions, even as the learner talks to the e-learning platform. Diverse pronunciations can be assimilated, sounds in the background, multiple languages, and shifts in human voice can all be embedded into the AI assistant's capabilities.

The IBI Comprehensive Assessment of English Pronunciation - ePronunciation helps a learner record his / her speech, then send it to the instructor for a pronunciation analysis and correction. The feature was developed based on one of  the most advanced technologies and considered as one of the best ways of improving pronunciation for learners fatest together with building up teachers and learners' relationship. 


4. Moving at the speed of light: Greater speed and Efficiency

The primary driver for AI in e-learning is the ability make learning a faster, simpler, more agile process without compromising on quality. AI moves the conversation from the outmoded and password-heavy scenario to a streamlined workflow, meant for advanced employees operating in dynamic and fast-paced business environments. As a result, one can expect a smoother and enriched learning experience, allowing workers to develop new skill-sets & expertise, push sales, avoid common errors, and spend their time on tasks which are meant to drive value.

This would also translate into lower costs, given that a single training session can now be delivered to a wide variety of people. Further, the learning can be now broken into bite-sized pieces, enabling simpler consumption of data in manageable timelines. Finally, the learning can also be undertaken in any location.

There you have it; AI is actually changing the game for the e-learning industry revolutionizing learning as we know it, with customizable, more empathetic, and intellectually-rich resource materials. This is only the beginning, and the road ahead will uncover new innovations at every bend and crossing.




At IBI Global, we believe that education drives technology not technology drives education since good teachers and experts inspire learners to be lifelong learners.



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