Instead of simply coming up with a course and telling people to take it, we help your audience better by finding ways to inject a learning spirit into the company.


1. We personalize your learning experiences

We concentrate our efforts on creating proper learning pathway for learners. We also get up to speed with learner’s expectations, and create eLearning courses that are personalized, and centered on them and their goals.

Things like video, social information sharing, and on-demand courses are becoming our norm along with creating content that helps employees meet their professional goals.

Short modules and options to learn when, where and how a person wants to are all attractive to learners that was incorporated by our instructional designers.


2. Thinking More Doing, Less Memorizing

With the massive amounts of information at students’ disposal these days, it has become far less important for them to memorize things and far more important for them to know HOW and WHEN to use the information once they have it. Our eLearning courses were designed to encourage asking questions, drawing conclusions and developing critical thinking by encoraging learners to interact with experts regularly through excercices and assignments.


3. Collaborative Knowledge and Skill Development

The workforce is more diverse than ever with a much greater range of ages represented in a workspace. Encouraging sharing of knowledge is what will set the modern workplace apart from that of the past. Learning materials that encourage information gathering from peers and mentors will leverage the learning that most of your students are already doing.

Tools like discussions and team building via IBI eConversations and collaborative resources via IBI eConnect will set the courses apart from older, stagnant lessons.


4. Gamifying learning

IBI eLearning incorporated game elements like rewards and levels to get people to engage. More than that,  the platform provides feedback and clear markers of progress. All of this makes learning more exciting and engaging which, in turn, makes it more memorable and more likely for students to continue through.


5. Real-Life Learning Experiences

In the information age, our knowledge sharing economy is driven by the power of connectivity – changing the very nature of learning as education and technology go hand in hand, creating new opportunities for students to collaborate, network and spread ideas.

IBI eLearning incorporates real world connections into a lesson plan helps students understand why what they’re learning at is useful for their work. It’s an approach that works for every curriculum to increase engagement in the learning process as students gain valuable insights into real life applications of the skills they’re being taught.


6. Adopting New Mindset: Invisible Learning

Invisible learning, surprisingly, is not a course from Hogwarts, but instead a way of learning that works in the background. Instead of using learning as a separate entity, companies are beginning to treat it as a mindset.

Our ability to incorporate learning into what workers already do, creates a kind of continuous learning environment where we train the way people think. This makes learning more natural and less tiresome than older ways of learning.

This is part of the evolution that will make learning and working part of each other, versus separate entities. Workers will no longer feel like they are being forced to take time out of work or their personal time to learn because the learning will be automatic and built-in.

As knowledge and networking become more powerful and important, we help companies strive to integrate learning with work to create a stronger workforce.







At IBI Global, we believe that education drives technology not technology drives education since good teachers and experts inspire learners to be lifelong learners.



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