Gamification is one of the hottest trends in Learning and Development this year, with over 30% of companies saying they are currently using it, 12% running trials and 53% hoping to make use of it in the next two years.


1.    We make learning more personable, emotional and engaged:

IBI eLearning was designed based on practical knowledge in which you can apply what you have learnt in your real life and workplace effectively and efficiently. Many lessons were built based on the story of people you love such as Barack Obama, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs… 

2.    We create simple, visually engaging interfaces with a human touch: 

Designed by experienced educators, trainers, and designers and gamers, IBI eLearning is a new way of thinking about learning. Our team of graphic and instructional designers make sure brand-led, and engages the eye as well as the mind to bring emotion and impact through diffrent kinds of authoring tools such as a presentation, quiz, video lecture, software simulation, game, etc.


3.    We show leaners the visibility of progress:

eReport provides a management system for you to handle course registrations, administration, tracking and reporting. eReport allows businesses to quickly and easily monitor and maximize their progress.


4.    Our courses provide elements to be revealed, discovered or searched for:

IBI courses were module based designed in which a learner can’t move to the next module until he/she finished the existing module. This helps leaners more concentrated and absorb thoroughly the knowledge they are working on.


5.     Our unique teaching method makes learning work than ever:

IBI virtual blended English language and Business and innovation courses offer you the advantages of live classroom training integrated with the cost-effectiveness and flexibility of our self - paced learning. This is the harmonious combination between eClasses (self-pace learning) and eConversations (live instructor training) which effectively helps students improve their English and Business skills.

The programs were designed to achieve a good balance within group learning and real time discussion, self-study and interactive learning which is conducted by competence based teachers and experts to completely replace classroom training.

The key elements of eBlended are:

  • Attached: The training content of eClasses and eConversations are very well-connected so to help learners to achieve the knowledge and skills needed more efficiently and effectively.
  • Automatized: The learning timelines and processes of both learning models were professionally and painstakingly designed and to futher efficiency and maximize learning process automation.
  • Aligned: The pedagogical innovation behind the programs smoothly aligns with technological innovations to completely replace classroom training.





At IBI Global, we believe that education drives technology not technology drives education since good teachers and experts inspire learners to be lifelong learners.



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