An important element of IBI eLearning is the notion of interaction and collaboration. This is an essential component of virtual instruction because it differentiates from other types of distance learning.


Designed to meet specific acoustic technical requirements, to mix modern and traditional learning methods to create an environment that can be motivating, interactive, and autonomous in order to maximize learners' engagement and time saving. Below is the 5 main reasons why IBI blended eLearning can transform the way students learn:

1. Interaction

An important element of IBI Blended eLearning is the notion of interaction.  This is an essential component of virtual instruction because it differentiates from other types of distance learning such as correspondence courses. The key elements of IBI are:

  • Cloud-based Real Time Communication,
  • Active-learning type interactions,
  • Instruction taking place at a distance, and
  • Synchronous and asynchronous communication.  

2. Self-pace learning and collaborative learning were harmoniously combined

The harmonious combination between eClasses (self-pace learning) and eConversations (live instructor training) effectively helps students to improve their English across all skills or acquire any innovation skills just like in the manor that they learn in a traditional classroom.

3. Positive teacher-student relationships

Positive teacher-student relationships promote students’ academic performance and foster them to be more cooperative and more engaged in learning.

Understanding the importance of teacher-student relationships, every IBI course is conducted by 1 or 2 teachers per class to make sure the teachers understand the strengths and weaknesses of each learner, so they can help them learn in the right way and improve their skills the best.

4. Learning process 

IBI is committed to using the most appropriate evaluation procedures to allow students to demonstrate their mastery of academic content. The evaluation procedure in IBI’s courses provides learning experiences that help integrate students’ classroom knowledge into their work experience.  Students are evaluated in one or all of the following methods:

  • eAssessments: Our eAssessments help to deploy system for measurement and goal-setting for learners.
  • Participation: Students are required and motivated to participate in project sessions an group discussions online. Regular presence and active involvement are essential to the learning process.
  • eReport: Our eReport provides a management system for the students to handle course administration, tracking and reporting during their learning process.
  • Final test: A final test is applied properly as a formal knowledge-based evaluation methodology.

5. Innovative Teaching Method: The Project Focus System

The project-focused system creates a wide variety of learning activities in conjunction with progressive and established teaching materials. Instructions through learning activities, creative enhancement, team-building techniques which help students learn English or a business skill in the way that they are able to realize their full potential.




At IBI Global, we believe that education drives technology not technology drives education since good teachers and experts inspire learners to be lifelong learners.



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