When focusing upon successful B2B relationship selling, you really only need to focus upon two key strategies: 1. Closed loop marketing; 2. Establishing Good Feelings; 3. Providing Great Customer Service.


When focusing upon successful B2B relationship selling, you really only need to focus upon two key strategies.

  1.   Closed loop marketing
  2.   Establishing Good Feelings
  3.   Providing Great Customer Service

How to deploy the above factors is the question that IBI can help you discover.


Who should attend?

Account manager/executives from different kinds of industries such as: advertising, tele - communication, distribution, education….



  -  Learn how to get your value figured out
  -  Discuss how to decide who fits your model
  -  Understand your strengths, and focus on them.
  -  Discuss how to prospect to warm leads and more probable-prospective customers
  -  Learn how to create systems and tools to track revenues, profits, expenses, and other metrics


Who is the coach?

Robin Nguyen is the CEO of IBI who created IBI from scratch. Possessing deep knowledge and passion on education and training combined with strong business development and marketing skills. Robin is an capable trainer in Business Development, Customer Service Management, Marketing Strategy and eLearning development.


Which teaching method is applied?

IBI Blended eLearning were designed to achieve a good balance within group learning and real time discussion, self-study and interactive learning which is conducted by competence based teachers and experts to completely replace classroom training.

eClasses (Online coaching) eConversations (Live instructor training)
5 weeks: 25 hours  5 weeks: 10 hours 


IBI Online Teaching Method | Explanation Video




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