The leader of today has greater challenges than ever before in terms of unlocking human potential in their organization and delivering results.


The leader of today has greater challenges than ever before in terms of unlocking human potential in their organization and delivering results. This program will help you achieve those aims and help you initiate and manage change more effectively. In particular, it will help you to:

•    Develop an effective strategy to achieve your business goals
•    Understand the role of emotional intelligence in leadership
•    Take away a practical leadership tool-kit
•    Develop a more dynamic approach through enhanced strategic creativity
•    Broaden your understanding of the corporate culture to increase your influence within it
•    Improve your persuasion and influencing skills to achieve your strategic goals
•    Learn the key functions of strategic leadership

 Course outline


Module 1: Introduction and objectives

•    The need for strategic leadership
•    The leadership/management debate
•    Levels of leadership
•    Qualities and capabilities of strategic leaders
•    Developing specific leadership qualities
•    Understanding leadership processes at all levels
•    Leadership and emotional intelligence

Module 2: Understanding strategic creativity

•    Understanding strategic creativity
•    Developing strategic leadership capability
•    Understanding corporate culture
•    How leaders can change corporate culture
•    Effective strategic influencing skills
•    Building the top team
•    The key functions of strategic leadership
•    Identifying tomorrow’s leaders

Delivery Method: 

  • On-site at your local or
  • Online as follows: 
eClasses (Online coaching) eConversations (Live instructor training)
4 weeks: 20 hours  4 weeks: 8 hours 

The learning sequence:

Our platform was built to bring of all in class activities into our eLearning, in an attempt to draw attention to the important considerations within a complex system. The design of e-learning resources requires understandings in education, multimedia content, resource publication, and electronic technologies. The sophistication of the task is highlighted by our teams:

The chart shows a web-enhanced case-based activity in an IBI course with the requirement for the students to go through detailed and diverse procedures which shows the flow of a typical online case-based learning sequence in the course. The online activities were varied: web searching, reading of online resources, quizzes, learning games and group discussions…Many of the eLearning lessons activities are carried out independently integrated in our self-paced learning programs - eClasses but students’ performance is closely monitored by the teacher and contributed to course grades.
The activity sequence in Learning Activities Management System (LAMS) allowed the activities to become more structured in the following manner. The course is structured into different modules and lessons so that students learn them in order together with working with the suggested online resources and the links to the resources were placed in the LAMS sequence. 
Students learn and finish each lesson and when they feel that they are fully learned, they click the ‘next’ button to go to the next lesson and then the mini test when they have finished a whole module for the progressing analytics and evaluation. The students learn through the case materials, quizzes on comprehension and the associated questions…then they can submit their questions and exercises to the instructor who will receive students’ answers and exercises also through the same system.
The topics of the module will be further discussed in the live classroom training - eConversations, with various answers being compared and contrasted. Students then rethink about their own solutions. A learning project will be assigned after that for them to work in group to really comprehend and absorb the knowledge and skills.


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The ability to innovate is now a top priority for companies everywhere. The speed at which innovation occurs is accelerating, and consumers are hungry for the new products, services and experiences coming their way. But the economic climate still presents considerable challenges.