In the competitive trading conditions of the twenty-first century, we are all under pressure to deliver better results.

Buyers and sellers at the forefront of the commercial relationship and managers negotiating internally, all face increasing pressure to achieve more.

This Negotiation training course describes a range of successful negotiating techniques and explains how you can use them to help you achieve your key objectives.

What will you cover?

Module 1: The Process Of Negotiation

•    The value of negotiating
•    How negotiating differs from selling
•    When selling stops and negotiation begins

Module 2: How To Plan The Strategy

•    Targets - your bottom line and optimum aim
•    Tactics  and objectives
•    Planned concessions
•    The limits of both parties’ power
•    Establishing the climate
•    Pursuing a ‘win-win’ outcome
•    Retaining flexibility


Who is the coach?

Todd Frye has traveled around the world for 27 times and worked in different countries. He has great experiences in working and negotiating with people in different cultures


Which teaching method to be applied? 

eClasses (Online coaching) eConversations (Live instructor training)
4 weeks: 20 hours 
4 weeks: 8 hours 

IBI Blended eLearning were designed to achieve a good balance within group learning and real time discussion, self-study and interactive learning which is conducted by competence based teachers and experts to completely replace classroom training.


IBI Online Teaching Method | Explanation Video




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