The project-focused system (PFS) is a comprehensive resource addressing all key aspects of Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) and Business Skills. This methodology is considered as the innovation to be based on the cream and strengths of well-known international methodologies such as the Project-based learning, Case study methodology and Communication approach. 

The methodology creates a wide variety of learning activities in conjunction with progressive and established teaching materials. Instructions through activities in textbooks, creative enhancement, team-building techniques which help learners learn online in the same manor that they learn in their real class to realize their full potential.

The methodology was built based on psychological analysis, approaches to the implementation of the strategies to build student success.


Here are the concepts:
   1.  English training:
Learning route 
  2.   Business skill training 


IBI virtual blended English language and Business skills courses offer you the advantages of live classroom training (eConversations) designed in concert with the cost-effectiveness and flexibility of self-paced learning (eClasses) with the aim of completely replacing classroom training and improving learning retention at the highest level.