eTeens is designed to keep teens engaged by paying careful attention to students’ social and emotional needs.

IBI Online English learning solution for middle and high school was designed to help teachers play a manager role by cutting the operations work but focusing on teaching, managing and monitor students to make sure that they reach the achievements. 

1.    Learn (For students)

eTeens is designed to keep teens engaged by paying careful attention to students’ social and emotional needs. Each course includes an on-going drama, pop song, interesting stories about celebrities and world culture that threads through the lessons cleverly in balance combination with the academic English that they need for TOEFL iBT / IELTS exam. 

eTeens also helps students overcome the challenges of the multi-leve classroom by helping them learn independently and interact with the teachers personally. 


2.    Link (For teachers)

Teachers manage classes, feedbacks to their students and get analytics on the performance of their students through our eReport and submission box.

3.    Collaborate (For teachers to students; students to students)

eConnect gives learners a chance for great small group discussions. This also gives the quiet ones a chance to express ideas and knowledge when the teacher has structured the collaboration groups appropriately. We believe the students retain the skills and topical information better for assessments, also. Throw in some creative projects---how much fun it is! Below are eConnect's key engaged features:

  • eShares: Learners and teachers are encouraged to work on projects by sharing their files and presentations within their team and public contribute to better learning outcomes, and develop higher order thinking skills such as: critical thinking skills, co-creation of knowledge and meaning, reflection and transformative learning. (Palloff & Pratt, 2005)
  • eSocial: Team-based work environments give learners the time to work and think about the project regularly. Our integrated social network tool helps learners share their ideas right away with fun and comfort.
  • eCompetition: As we take collaboration seriously in our teaching philosophy. Therefore, we bring the advantages of encouraging positive competition among team members during the course online or offline to achieve a goal for the good learning results.
  • eReport provides a management system for teachers to handle course registrations, administration, tracking and reporting. eReport allows businesses to quickly and easily monitor and maximize their progress.  Every teacher is authorized to log in the management system to see your talent's progress, scores and skill development of your students.

4.    Coordinate

Depends on the needs and demands of the learners that you can also use our Live classroom training - eConversations to develop all English skills of the learners or we just work with your school to match your classroom training curriculum to our eClasses – Self-pace learning.

Hope our solution brings benifits to students, schools, and teachers in lifting the new generation to the international level.





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