IBI (International Bilingual Institute) is the trusted provider of English language and Business Skills Online Learning solutions for corporations, schools and organizations, founded and operated by international experienced educators.   

Established by experienced teachers and educators who understand students' interests inside the classroom as well as their strengths, weaknesses, and difficulties in learning a language or acquire a business skill. We have discovered that every talent has strong desire to learn, but finding a quality learning model that could balance work - learn - life is still struggling for them.

The founders, with enthusiastic determination and passion, thrivingly integrated new effective technologies in teaching and learning based on the harmonious combination of profound knowledge in the context of innovation pedagogy in align with emerging technology, to create the online learning platform that achieves a good balance within group learning and real time discussion, self-study and interactive learning conducted by competence-based teachers and experts.

IBI was designed and built as the English language and Business skills online learning pioneering solution that completely replaces classroom training. This expresses our founders' vision of building a flexible but quality focused learning model that equipes talents with the skills and knowledge needed to contribute to their career development. 


Key Products


Key differentiators

1.  Re-invention

IBI virtual blended English language and Business skills courses offer you the advantages of live classroom training (IBI eConversations) designed in concert with the cost-effectiveness and flexibility of self-paced learning (IBI eClasses) to completely replace classroom training.


2.  Relationship 

Just like classroom based learning, we provide a better opportunity for the establishment of close mentoring relationships to promote students’ academic performance and foster them to be more cooperative and more engaged in learning through teacher’s dedication throughout the course.


3.  Reshape

In order to impact students’ learning curve, we shift from "facilitator led' teaching to "learner centric" learning through making our platform smarter by infusion of Artificial Intelligence technology.

  • For companies: The programs were customized based on the requirement of research insights to your organization’s real-world challenges while developing productive new networks among employees.

  • For learners: With infusion of Artificial Intelligence technology, learners can access course recommendation through analyzing your career objective, adaptive learning and collaborating learning.

4.  Real teachers

Our REAL teachers engage all learners in learning and learning activities. This stresses the importance of meeting the human needs of students in online learning environment. Combining psychology and education in teaching method, our teachers are the 'motivational pathways' to attract even the most troubled and reluctant students to learning. They know how to win the hearts and minds of students by first seeing them as worthy and capable human beings, then stimulating their interest through active learning, and finally, ensuring students receive the support needed to learn. 


Academic Team

  • Senior Development Editor: Ryan Sawyer - Master of English Literature, California University  
  • Senior Product Marketing Manager: Philip Endersby - Master of Business, Oxford University
  • Senior Content Project Manager: Robin Nguyen - MBA, Colombia Southern University
  • Content Project Manager: Todd Frye - BA & AS, Chicago University
  • Specialist: Donna Chau Berry: BA - Radio, TV, Film; San Joe State University
  • Specialist: Gabriel Boyer - TESOL
  • Specialist: Matthew Berry - Phd of History Fullbright University 



Our values are fundamental to our success. They are the foundation of our company and underlie our vision of the future, our business strategies and our decisions, actions and behaviors.

Four core values are at the heart of IBI: Integrity, Incorporation, Innovation and International which are linked together and care the source of our success.


Vision & Philosophy 

IBI has sought harmony between personnel, customers and society, especially the firm development of society, through education. IBI is dedicated to contributing to the strong development of the world economics by equiping talents with the skills and knowledge needed for their personal and career development through provision of innovative and quality online learning programs.


Trusted by industry leaders and experts


"IBI has created a winning circle of emerging technology, teaching quality and enriching content."

Jason Lim 
Executive Director at TireAngel Limited 


"IBI’s teachers know how to create a strong company culture and inspire every student to do their best."

Hans Weemaes
Professor at Yonsei Business School


"Our talents enjoy IBI as they pay only one-third of what classroom-based courses in the same quality charge."

Tu Nguyen 
Chairman and CEO of NTS Group


Award: IBI is proud to be selected as one of the most promising tech start-ups all over Asia Pacific in 2016 by e27 - 2016 TOP 100 Judges' Choice !


What’s shocking, though, is that a lot of companies are still reluctant to get on board with eLearning, despite the incredible power that it can offer.


An important element of IBI eLearning is the notion of interaction. This is an essential component of virtual instruction because it differentiates from other types of distance learning such as correspondence courses.